Archaeological Services:

Fadó Archaeology provide a full range of licensed archaeological services to both public and private sector clients, including local authorities, government bodies, architects, engineers and individuals.

Commercial clients include Kilcawley Construction, Gibbons Civil Engineering, Carty Group, BDP Ltd and Rhatigans Architects, Vincent Hannon Architects & Archer Consulting Engineers. Public sector include HSE Northwest, Sligo County Council & Leitrim County Council. 


Projects are delivered efficiently and professionally within the given project time frame and budget.


Archaeological assistance and advice is available for all stages of pre-planning to planning.


Archaeological Mitigation Services Provided


The type and extent of archaeological mitigation required by a local authority will vary depending on the nature of the archaeology present:



  • Archaeological Assessment is the investigation of known, suspected or previously unidentified monuments, sites or areas of archaeological potential in order to assess the impact which proposed development may have on them. Desk based assessments are used by developers in the early stages of the planning process.


  • Archaeological Monitoring requires the archaeologist to be present during development works that potentially may impact on archaeological remains.


  • Archaeological Test Excavation is the excavation of confined strips or areas of a site in order to establish the presence or absence of archaeology and to determine its nature and extent.


  • Archaeological Excavation is the systematic recording and removal of layers of soil, deposits, structures and artefacts by a qualified archaeologist. Post-excavation analysis and publication of the results of the excavation are all integral parts of the process. Full excavation is used as a method of preservation by record.

"We used the services provided by Tamlyn McHugh of Fadó Archaeology at the initial stages of our self-build in Sligo. Whilst digging the foundations, it was a requirement of the local authority to have an archaeologist on site to supervise the excavations.


After a consultation with Tamlyn, we arranged the dates the work would commence and with her expertise, we finalized the plans for excavation. Tamlyn was very flexible with her work schedule as the work progressed into the weekend. She completed a comprehensive report in a timely manner as agreed and we submitted it to the local authority. The whole process was seamless. We would highly recommend Tamlyn".

James and Karen McManus

Woodville Road, Sligo.


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