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Ship timber discovered at Lissadell Beach

The weekends unusual tides yielded another discovery, this time we found a ships timber washed up at Lissadell Beach, Co. Sligo. The flat piece of structural timber suggests there may be a wreck in the vicinity, or it may have been moved to this point on the currents during the winter storms from a wreck further along the coast.

The piece is well preserved at one end but badly eroded at the other end suggesting that it had been in the water for some time. Located along the length of the timber are dowel holes and some have the wooden dowel pins still intact.

The National Museum of Ireland and the Underwater Archaeology Unit of the National Monuments Service have been alerted to the discovery, they will examine the piece and move it to their conservation facilities in due course.

Thank you to the volunteers from Lissadell Coast Care Group who helped move the piece of timber to a safe location.

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